Chrome card (vanquis) 5th statement increase


Hi all

I have a poor credit score and I’m slowly re-building my score up, So I decided to get a Vanquis card in January 2018 making tomorrow my 5th statement and was just wondering how soon will I be known to get an increase? I’m not bothered about the money its the simple fact of having a credit increase reported back to my credit file.

I have never used less then 50% of my £500 credit limit increase, always pay well over the min amount, as I get paid weekly i always pay whatever I can via the mobile app as well as having a direct debit set up. i have never missed a payment, been anywhere near the credit limit, and always paid wel over the minimum payment..

Also when I first got the card I made a big purchase of £250 then paid it off slowly, making sure the balance was going down good, it started with a balance of £300 and its now £170 just before my 5th statement 🙂


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