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My 77 year old mum asked me to burn some of her old paperwork and I noticed a renewal form for house and contents insurance with Churchill which seemed expensive to me (£260). She’s been with them for over 10 years and assumed they were offering her a fair deal. Anyway, I thought I’d put her details into a comparison site, what an eye opener! The cheapest (Admiral) was £82, most of the 57 insurer’s that quoted were around the £100 mark, including Churchill at £106.

I persuaded her to phone Churchill, which she did, when she asked the agent why her insurance was so high they replied that ‘they assumed she was happy with the quote because she’s let them auto renew’ and the quotes on the comparison sites ‘aren’t real quotes’!

Unbelievable! She’s going to pay the £36 get out fee and go to Admiral. Beware MSE’ers with elderly relatives who aren’t online, they’re probably being ripped off.

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£2 SC no.70 £140/£350

SPC no.73 SPC9 £248 SPC10 target £250

DFBX12 No. 069 £7719 / £7719 DEBT FREE 30/11/12

2013 mfw No.4 MORTGAGE FREE 5/8/13


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