CITY DIARY: Brasso-necked ad mogul Sir Martin Sorrell to address next month’s Cannes Lion Festival


Sir Martin Sorrell is to address next month's Cannes Lion Festival

Sir Martin Sorrell is to address next month's Cannes Lion Festival

Sir Martin Sorrell is to address next month’s Cannes Lion Festival

Brass-necked advertising mogul Sir Martin Sorrell, 73, will address next month’s Cannes Lions Festival, which organisers say will be a ‘candid discussion about the marketing industry issues of today’. 

A candid discussion about why he was turfed out of WPP, following undisclosed misconduct allegations, would be more of a draw, surely.

City gran formaggio and ex-Tory treasurer Lord Lupton’s stunning Majorcan fortress, La Fortaleza, has become quite the island attraction since it was used as the villain’s lair in BBC spy thriller The Night Manager. 

I’m told tousle-haired Google founder Sergey Brin, 44, (net worth: £37billion) once inquired about a private tour of the 232-acre property while he was moored on a yacht nearby. 

His lordship’s stylish response: ‘I’m on holiday with my family. Do kindly go away.’

Vodafone’s departing £6million-a-year chief Vittorio Colao is much taken with London life, but there is one British custom which mystifies the spindly Italian: the gentle thwack of leather on willow. 

Upon taking over in 2008 he went to Lord’s to watch the England cricket team, which his firm were then sponsoring. 

A fellow guest reports that football-mad Signore Vittorio, 56, was totally bewildered by our summer sport. Vodafone’s £4million-a-year deal with the English Cricket Board was abruptly cancelled four months later.

Lively night at Sotheby’s on Monday, where a Modigliani portrait belonging to dapper Irish business magnate John Magnier, 70, sold for £116million, netting him a £96million profit. 

Meanwhile, a Picasso entitled Le Repos, which weirdo bond king Bill Gross, 74, handed to his wife Sue during their shouty 2017 divorce, fetched £27million. 

‘A bargain,’ advises Sotheby’s modern art chief, Simon Shaw. Absurd, but that’s the art market for you.

Egotistical financial data billionaire Mike Bloomberg, 76, is setting up a rival to the annual World Economic Forum gathering in Davos which he will host in Beijing in November. 

Does the old snoot think he could put on a worthier show? I recently discovered he avoids Davos, which he loftily regards as a waste of time.



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