CITY DIARY: City law firm Linklaters asks its lawyers to declare their office romances


The dastardly Mr Deedes

Hotshot City law firm Linklaters has asked its lawyers to declare any office romances to ensure ‘any actual or potential conflict of interest’ is properly managed. 

It has also launched an external whistleblowing hotline, so staff can report any untoward behaviour. 

The legal industry is a hotbed of incongruous activity. Industry watchdog the Solicitors Regulation Authority says sexual harassment complaints by lawyers tallied at one a month last year in the sector.

There’s been an outbreak of mumps on Goldman Sachs’s New York trading floor. 

Several of the bank’s employees have been sent home after contracting the virus, which results in a chubby, distinctive ‘hamster face’ appearance. 

Is bristly-faced Goldman boss Lloyd Blankfein, 62, among the invalids? ‘No, Lloyd’s just always looks like that,’ I am advised. Too unkind, surely?

Marks & Spencer’s latest ruse to bolster its flagging food division is to have staff list their favourite products on their identification badges. Will the M&S top brass be joining in? 

A waggish source reckons gnomish chairman Archie Norman’s a fan of flame-seared artichokes, explaining: ‘They’re prickly on the outside, not to everyone’s taste and quite hard to digest.’

Sir Richard Branson’s new private equity partner, Metric Capital bigwig John Sinik, is an old friend. 

Like Beardie, handsome Sinik, 49, boasts both a social conscience and a daring taste for adventure. 

He once took his young son to volunteer (what a treat!) for a charity close to the war-torn Syrian border which helped youngsters overcome post-traumatic stress disorder.

The refined readers of Elite Traveler magazine have named Chicago eaterie Alinea as the world’s best restaurant. 

Diverse dishes at the £300-a-head joint include ‘Lily bulb and rambutan fruit with distillation of caviar lime’ and ‘Scallop with citrus aroma and fourteen textures.’ 

Elite Traveler bills itself as ‘the private jet lifestyle magazine’, so it’s safe to say the hearty fare at Nando’s was never likely to get a look-in.




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