CITY DIARY: Humiliation comes in threes for deposed BT Boss Gavin Patterson


Announcement of Gavin Patterson's departure from BT led to a share price rise

Announcement of Gavin Patterson's departure from BT led to a share price rise

Announcement of Gavin Patterson’s departure from BT led to a share price rise

Deposed BT boss Gavin Patterson faced the embarrassment of seeing his firm’s share price rise after it was announced he would step down. 

There was further ignominy yesterday when Jefferies upgraded BT’s stock from ‘hold’ to ‘buy’, citing the positives of Patterson’s impending departure. 

The final insult: Gav’s £700,000-a-year deputy dawg, chief financial officer Simon Lowth, 55, has now bullishly snapped up £139,000 of company shares. Humiliation comes in threes.

TSB’s communications chief Charlotte Sjoberg, 36, has departed on maternity leave, a welcome relief for the spritely blonde following the recent IT meltdown at the bank. 

She informs colleagues: ‘I’m having a baby this Friday so thought it best to let you know that I’ll be having a little time off. 

Dare I say it, but I suspect a newborn might bring a little peace to the Sjoberg household compared with the past few weeks at TSB!’

Here’s one for the diary. 

Metro Bank’s human resources wallah Danny Harmer hosts a discussion at Henley Business School next month with gormless-looking rapper Professor Green on the impact of ‘side hustles’, jargon for having your own business on top of a regular job. 

The Prof, aka Stephen Manderson, 34, enjoys an eclectic business career, describing himself as a singer, TV Presenter and clothing designer. As a teenager he displayed an early aptitude for enterprise by dealing cannabis.

The Financial Conduct Authority’s sober chief Andrew Bailey was addressed as ‘Andy’ yesterday by Today business editor Dominic O’Connell. 

He quickly corrected it to Andrew – it’s doubtful homme serieux Bailey has ever answered to Andy in his life – but wouldn’t ‘Mr Bailey’ have been a more appropriate way to address to a senior public official? 

Bailey, 59, incidentally, is widely tipped as the next Bank of England governor.

Groovy former Monetary Policy Adviser and mustard-keen bass player Andrew Sentance, 60, now senior economic adviser at PwC, informs Twitter he’ll be performing at his local fete in Broxbourne this weekend with an as-yet unnamed new rock band. 

A prescient follower suggests: ‘How about Death Sentance?’



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