Claim for malicious damages to Financial Ombudsman after denied by Lloyd’s insurance


Hi all,
First thanks for your helpful content.
I was using a storage an unit for my small business but one day without any legitimate reason and/or writing 7 days notice (as it is supposed to be in accordance with the company own terms and conditions) the storage company prevent me access to the storage and also caused a business interuption until present (since February 2018).
I made a claim for malicious damage to the storage company/insurance I subscribed too (LLoyd’s insurance) but this last denied my claim saying that there is not a malicious damages because there wasn’t any physical damages to my items in the storage. Also, after the final decision from Lloyd’s I made my claim to the Financial Ombudsman two months ago but I find them a bit slow as I believe my case is obvious.

Also I would like to know if anyone has dealt with these kind of matters or have any advice as I couldn’t find similar threads on the forum.

Thanks in advance.


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