Claim on contents – Or not?


Hello, I’m hoping someone can give me some advice on a hypothetical situation…

You’ve got a contents policy with a whopping £600 excess. You’re burgled, when someone forces their way through a front door which hasn’t been double-locked. They take a laptop and a couple of small things worth a total of just over a grand.

Your policy says:

“Under Section 2 (Contents) there is no cover under Item 8 (Theft or attempted theft) unless: a) When you go to bed, all the window and door locks and bolts fitted to your home, other than for windows in occupied bedrooms, are put effectively into operation”

To really spice things up, your policy is due for renewal in 2 days time, meaning any claim will mean increased premiums.

(1) Do you think the claim will be rejected?

(2) Do you think the risk of this in combination with the increased premiums means that it’s not worth it

(3) Possibly the key question: if the claim IS rejected, would the premiums still go up?


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