Claim or not to claim (Got protected no-claims)?


Hi all.
My wife had someone drive in to her car when she wasn’t there. Had it looked at by a friend who repairs cars and he quoted £400 cash in hand or approaching £800 if through insurance.

My wife rang her insurance (Endsleigh) about her excess.

It’s £250 for accidental damage,

No excess for malicious damage,

£250 Fire and theft,

£70 Windscreen replacement.

She asked how the no claims works: They told her that she has the ‘protected no claims bonus’ which is a ‘discount off future policies that would be protected’. However, they added that an accident can still affect future prices, you just get discount of future quotes (if that makes sense). Apparently the amount varies by whether or not you were at fault but they obviously wouldn’t give specifics.

My question is, is it worth making a claim on this? Apologies if the answer is obvious, I don’t think I can see the wood for the trees here….!


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