Claim through own car insurance or third party?


Hi. I’ve never had to make a claim before so any advice would be appreciated.

On Sunday a car reversed into the side of my car. The other driver has admitted fault. I phoned up my insurance company to make a claim, fully comp with Admiral, who advised it would be a non-fault claim and that costs would be recovered from the TP insurance. They have also advised my car will be written off. TP insurers, Rias, have also called and left a voicemail saying other driver accepts full responsibility and they would like to offer their services.

So I originally thought it was best to go through my own insurance and let them handle everything but now I’m not so sure and this is where I need the advice.

Admiral have advised that my insurance will be cancelled when the car is written off. I have since read on forums that Admiral deduct the remaining premium from the settlement payment and don’t allow you to transfer the remainder of the policy onto the new car. I was under the impression that I could just continue paying monthly and have the insurance on the replacement car. If the premium is deducted then I won’t be left with much to actually buy a replacement as it was an old car.

Would I be better off cancelling my claim with Admiral and dealing with the TP insurance instead and then contacting Admiral to discuss the remainder of my policy? I’ve also read that Admiral take forever to actually value the car and get the money to you so was wondering if it would be quicker dealing with TP insurance? My concern was that if I do deal with TP insurance I won’t have any protection and won’t be able to complain to ombudsman.

This is causing me so much stress so any advice at all would be appreciated.


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