Claiming on Old Accident


So back when it was snowing in Feb my partner slid and went into the back of someone. The damage was minimal….seriously it was about 2mph! Contact details were taken and that was that. However the other party got their car ‘fixed’ and sent us a bill for nearly £400!

We didn’t accept this and said if the damage was that bad we would clearly have gone through the insurance, he hassled and hassled us for the money and then everything went quiet. We thought it was a scam and he was just trying to get some money from us, particularly seeing as he was adamant he didn’t want insurance companies involved and also because he said someone else had recently gone into the back of him causing damage to the rear bumper bar which is what he claimed needed to be repaired now.

However months on he has made a claim on the insurance…..where do we stand on this? He’s already had the supposed work done, we don’t even own the car involved anymore, to which there was no damage, and it’s been so long!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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