Clarity CC – How to get limit increased


Hi all,

I received Halifax’s Clarity card just the other day. It came with a £4k limit, and 19% interest rate. I also set up a direct debit for full balance set up during the application.

The plan is to use the card when travelling abroad not to get screwed on silly exchange rates. Now, a £4k limit is really on the short side if I were to only utilize 25-30%. An £8k limit would be really useful only to use £2-3k (hotel charges always the biggest item and the Clarity will save me a lot of money).

I don’t want to ask Halifax right now for a higher limit but am thinking of showing some regular activity: say spending £500 per month (here in UK), always paying off in full with direct debit, hoping Halifax will increase the limit in the next 6-9 months.

Is this a sensible approach? (Mortgage aside, I do not have any unsecured debt, no payment on my previous card ever missed, no CCJ, on electoral roll, good income) Any other suggestions to encourage them to raise my limit or shall I simply ask for an increase next year?




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