Clarity – DD and manual payments


Hi all,

Quick question on the interplay between a DD for full balance and manual payments.

When I applied for the Clarity CC I selected to pay the balance in full by direct debit each month. I read the T&C and they say that the actual DD amount would take manual payments done prior to 2 days of the payment date into account.

Suppose last month’s statement amount was £400 which would be collected by DD this July-end. Meanwhile, I made further transactions after the statement date of say £300 but also payments to the card of say £300. The balance as of today stands unchanged at £400.

Am I correct to assume to the DD amount of £400 will now be reduced by £300, ie. only £100 will be collected by DD?

Now suppose I made manual payment since the statement date of £400 or – more interestingly more than £400? My current balance would still be positive, so I would not bring the card into credit. Would the DD be zero? And if so, would it still remain in place for subsequent months?

Just trying to figure out how to best manage my cash flows (showing regular transaction flows on the card but keeping the utilisation low enough).




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