Close credit cards? Balance transfer to one card then another?


Looking for advice on where to go from here:
I have 4 credit cards and 2 of them are empty, I’m not whether I should close any of them or not.

1. Tesco Credit Card – limit £9000, balance is £3000 (paying expensive interest)

2. Tesco Credit Card – limit £2000, balance is £0

3. MBNA Credit Card – limit £2100, balance is £2000 (0% interest rate for 18months)

4. Barclaycard Credit Card – limit £2800,balance is £0

I thought about closing either my Tesco or Barclaycard. I never get any offers for my Barclaycard but I get occasional ones for my Tesco accounts. Maybe I should close both, what do you think?

Additional question: Can I do a balance transfer from my tesco credit card to my barclaycard and then back to my 2nd tesco credit card? That would mean I could use 0% offer that tesco are offering me. Is that allowed?

Thanks in advance, I’m new to this


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