Close low limit credit cards ?


Good afternoon.

Back in 2012 when my credit file was in tatters…..couple of CCJ and defaults, cr3dit was hard to come by. However I managed to get a capital one Luma card with a limit of 200 pounds.

Now more than 6 years later the card is still at 200 pounds, never missed a payment…always paid extra and had regular use….my credit file shows all green for this card…capital one refuse to increase limit.

Now recently I have managed to get a Aqua card ( 2 credit limit increases in a year ) and a amazon card ( reeently had a limit increase )….also a Vanquis card at 4K limit.

My credit file is all but clean, couple of defaults on closed and paid off accounts…but other than that all is good.

Would it be beneficial to me and my improving credit file to close down the luma card .?

P.s…..please note I haven’t mentioned credit score once…

Advice much appreciated


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