Close Vanquis card or keep for backup?


Hiya, I have a Vanquis card since 2014 (my first credit card) with a £500 limit (think I’m due for an increase soon though as I’ve been clearing my card in full, and managing it well compared to the last few years I’ve had it…) Anyway, I’ve had a Capital One classic since 2016 (£200 limit) which I merged with the ocean card I had prior (also £200 limit) so closing the ocean card and making my limit £400. Today I was approved for a Capital One platinum card with a limit of £1250 at 26.40 apr which I merged with my classic card , making it a limit of £1650 at 26.40 apr. Is it advisable closing the Vanquis card, even though it’s the card I’ve had for longest? I’m aware it’s the highest interest… so I’m thinking of just keeping it ? May see what happens in the next few month in terms of an increase


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