Compare Bureau de Change in Nigeria

Interestingly you will find a list of all bureau de change in Nigeria, this is a feature you would have find on most websites. It has BDC phone numbers, address, registered company name which you can easily filter with the comparison tool.

While there are many such currency exchange rate sites, what sets Wetinberate apart from the crowd is that it aims to offer a wholesome comprehensive idea on the exchange rates. Added to Official Rates, the visitors here would also get insights on BDC as well as Travelex and naira exchange rate black market daily. There is also a separate section on Historic currency exchange rates where one can check the rates from previous years.

Visitors would duly appreciate the online rate calculator on the website’s homepage where they can calculate the latest Naira rate as per entered USD, GBP or EUR values.

Money Transfer Comparison | Compare Rates Before Sending Money

The website is not just about rates, Wetinberate also offers a solid comparison chart on money transfer companies from all across the globe, from Western Union to Moneygram or Azimo, including banks and remittance companies.

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