Confused… 0% on purchases for 27 months?


Hi all

I’m a little embarrassed at asking such a question but I am genuinely baffled.

I have a friend who is hopeless with his money and from time to time I try to help him with a few things and bits of advice etc. So, yesterday he comes to me and says he wants to pay his car insurance of £800 by taking out a credit card. He tells me “There is a Virgin Card that has 0% on purchase for 27 months”. Thinking he is confused I tell him he is mistaken and that will be for balance transfers. However, he then points me to the Virgin C C site and there it is in Black & White.

Purchases 0% P.A for 27 months.

Balance Transfers 0% P.A for 27 months.

Same for money transfers.

Now, I’m not a total fool but looking at that it actually gives me the impression that there is no interest etc on purchases for 27 months. Yes, there is some small print saying the balance must be paid in full etc.

Me personally I do use a C C and I pay it off in full every month because that’s just the way I am. However, I’m still trying to get my head around why it says 0% P.A on purchases for 27 months when I’m certain in my own mind this is not the case.

Can anybody simplify this for me in dummy speak so I can pass this info on to my pal?



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