Confused about car insurance for second vehicle –


I’m being very thick about this and really don’t understand how car insurance works.

I’ve got an old campervan and have now put a deposit down on a second little runaround. I want to keep the campervan so need to insure the little car, (13reg). I rang my current insurers and they’ve quoted huge figures for both, but an ok figure for the little car if I sell the van. I think this is to do with my no claims discount which is very long but really I don’t understand.

So is the ncd attached to me? To the first car? Shared between both cars? And what would happen if I SORN-ed the van and just un-SORN-ed it during months that I want to go on hol? That would be a pain as the great thing about it is that I can just up and go whenever I feel like it.

I wanted to spend some time over the weekend looking at quotes but am not sure now how to do it – what to enter in the ncd box for example. I really don’t understand – sorry to sound thick but I’ve only ever insured one car at a time before!!




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