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I’m new to the forum but a long-time lurker and I was wondering if I could get some advice.

My car insurance renewal is due on 9th August but I’m moving house on 27th August. I’ve decided to cancel my current policy because the quote they gave me for my new address was WAY too much… but now I’m stuck as to what I should do?

The price I’ve been given on for the current address is absolutely fine; but since I’ll be moving out next month I know this is going to change. Therefore I’ve been going on individual insurer’s websites and putting in the details with the new address and it’s coming out painfully expensive, the same as my current insurer which I’ve just cancelled.

Just to test it, I tried with the new address and it comes out with great prices… but I know since I’ll have only just renewed, the insurance company won’t be able to give me the price from comparison sites will they? I know the comparison sites have a discount applied.

Is there any way around this? I’m also aware of the admin fee to change your address with most insurers, which is an added annoyance, but can’t do anything about that. I’m more worried about how my premiums will change when I’ve moved.

I doubt I’d be allowed to register the new address right off the bat either as I won’t be living there for another month.

Pulling my hair out over this, so any help would be greatly appreciated


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