Contactless “guarantee” worthless for duplicate charge if technical error prevents receipt


I understood there was a sort of “guarantee” over problems with contactless purchases. (This problem involves a contactless Nationwide debit card but this credit card forum is closest forum I can find and I guess same applies to contactless credit cards.)
situation: contactless payment at self service screen. As card was moved towards reader, main screen shows “technical error” and resets to initial welcome screen. No print, no confirmation of payment, just a system crash and reset to start. Go to different screen, make purchases satisfactorily. Two weeks later, notice duplicate transactions on bank account, clearly the failed purchase went through.
Complain to Nationwide under their disputed transaction scheme. Week later… “send us your receipt for the disputed transaction”… I reply that the whole point is that it crashed without any indication of success or printing. Answer: “without it we are unable to assist.”

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