Contents insurance against theft by housemate?


My brand new “professional” flatmate has, in the first few days of the tenancy, turned out to be a nightmare jobless problem drinker in need of a carer for MH problems. If you want to read the backstory, you can do so here

Owing to his apparent drinking problem and already light-fingered use of noticeable quantities of alcohol that was stored in the flat and which wasn’t his, I would like to take out contents insurance to cover me against theft by my flatmate. I’m not concerned (merely irritated) about the loss of a few bottles of spirits, but I am concerned about him moving onto laptops etc. if he becomes desperate financially. This is compounded by the fact that my employment contract says that if I put my company laptop / phone somewhere where it can be stolen, I can be liable to replace it myself

However, all the policies I can find require you to have forced entry before you can claim off the contents insurance. There is no lock on my bedroom door (and I can’t fit one as it would damage the LL’s property, though that may ultimately be a risk I’m willing to take) so any theft by him would not show forced entry. I’m no longer a student, so I don’t think I can go for a student-oriented policy. I do not currently have a contents insurance policy.

Any suggestions for insurers to look at?


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