Contents insurance during house move


Does anyone know of insurance companies that will cover contents during a house move?

We are using Pickfords to move everything but packing the contents into boxes ourselves. They have included insurance in the quote but this does not cover anything we pack ourselves, in other words it only covers the few bits of furniture we have and the fridge/freezer, washing machine and tumble dryer. We have the original boxes and packing materials for the higher value electrical items (LCD television, surround sound system etc) however as we are putting them into the boxes ourselves they are not covered. I have contacted our current buildings and contents provider but they will not extend the cover to include the move, even for and extra premium.

I am not worried about covering accidental damage to any items but as it is a long distance move over two days I would like to be covered if anything happens en-route, for example a road traffic accident or theft while parked overnight.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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