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Creation Credit Card – Great Product – Poor Service

Anyone else use a Creation credit card? I took out a creation card in July last year as we were going on holiday in August. The application was simple and painless and we never even got asked for proof of ID or address.

We were given credit card with a limit of £3000 at 12.9% APR

The only problem we had were the PIN numbers. As I requested my wife as an additional card holder (ACH) we got 2 PIN Numbers sent out but there was no way to tell which PIN was for the main card or the ACH card as both PINs came in my name.

After a bit of jumbling around we got it sorted and changed them at the ATM.

I have to say we are very pleased with the product itself. Used immediately to test and all went well. Accepted when abroad on holiday and absolutely no issues at all.

I even withdrew cash whilst abroad. The card is brilliant for using abroad and is or was even featured on the MSE website as a top card to use abroad.

The problem I have though is the customer service. It is completely abysmal.

I have only contacted them twice since having the card and both times I was left feeling VERY uncomfortable and unsure they would actually help.

The staff come over as poorly trained and unwilling to help.

Has anyone else got experience of this?


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