Credit balance on TSB credit card


Hello, feeling incredibly foolish

I have a few credit cards, and back in May I thought I had done a balance transfer of £1,300 from my Halifax credit card to a new Barclaycard.

I countinued paying off the balance on the Halifax and went to close it to discover that there was £1,300 still on there.

What i have actually done is a balance transfer from my old TSB card which had a nil balance anyway – yes I am an idiot.

So I’m now left with -£1,300 on a TSB card. £1,300 on the Halifax card (thankfully still at 0% for a while yet) and some debt on the Barclaycard.

I have been into branch and spoken on the phone to TSB and they have said there is nothing I can do.

Barclaycard have said TSB should refund the money into my TSB current account, or they could make a faster payment to a Barclaycard account and have provided a sort code and account number for this and have also said they would waive any fees for me.

But TSB have said they are unable to make a faster payment, and won’t transfer the balance as it would be against money laundering regulations.

Anyone got any idea what on Earth I should try next?


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