Credit car – chargeback, refund ?

Hi – not sure if this is the right place but just looking for some advice.

I have a Tesco credit card and my partner used this whilst having a mental health crisis (one sign is excessive spending). It was his first every episode and he ended up being sectioned two weeks later (two weeks before our wedding day!). He bought some quite expensive festival tickets which there is no way that we can use (May 2018)

I’d connected the ticket seller who given the circumstances said to contact the credit card for a chargeback as its against their terms and conditions to refund. I’d completely missed the charge on my account as dealing with hospitals, insurance companies (we also had a major water leak two days after his admission) and all the wedding plans. The dispute team have said there is nothing they can do and when I asked to lodge a complaint they said Ok, but we won’t budge.

The ticket seller will only send the tickets 4 days in advance (they are e-tickets) so I have little or no chance of selling them.

Can anyone think of alternatives as already dealing with his other massive debts that he racked up during this time.

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