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I was wondering what people were thinking of the letter I received from HSBC regarding a recent credit card application I had with them.

In March I applied for a HSBC credit card in order to do a balance transfer after checking playing like Money Saving to see how eligible I was and came back 90/95%. After getting the reference number saying my application was being processed I left it at that expecting an email within the 5 days they would let me know.

After over a week I heard nothing so I called them to check. It was on this occasion I was told they had no record of my application. Unfortunately I didn’t make a note of the first reference number but I never needed this before. After speaking to them they said the issue was I said that I had an account with them when I said I didn’t. I have a mortgage with them and never thought of this as an account as such like an current account. It was only when I I was on the phone to them I looked at my mortgage reference number I never realised the 14 digit number was a sort code and account number together.

Anyway I told them I was going to leave it then and got a credit card through the Post Office paid in 3 days!

So I left it and then I got a letter from HSBC telling me my application had been unsuccessful. Funny that considering they said I hadn’t applied. A month or so later I got a letter saying you have been successful in my credit card application! I didn’t apply again and it appears that they randomly reapplied for me.

I have now received a letter from them saying they processed 3 applications for me, One on 19/03/18 the original application and two on 23/04/08 which were processed in error. They have said all 3 will be removed from my credit history as a result and they are offering me £100 compensation.

To me it seems they are running a little scared as they are offering me £100 in compensation. Yes this would be nice but I would think banks usually offer a minimum compensation and I’m wondering if I take this to the Financial Ombudsman may they be in bigger trouble and have to compensate me much more.

Just wondering what peoples views on this are?

I can’t seem to add the letter as an attachment on here


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