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I recently applied (successfully) for a Credit Card but feel a bit disappointed in the way the process was handled which has ultimately left me unable to consolidate my debts as originally planned. Just wondered what are the views of the MSE community.

I have an existing card with approx £8k balance. I used MSE eligibility calculator for best balance transfer card and chose one with the company I have had a mortgage with for many years.

During the application process, I was asked if I wanted to transfer a balance and I filled in my current card details and transfer amount. I was informed this would be carried out automatically if I was accepted for the card.

Over the next few days, my application was accepted, I was sent details to register for online banking, received my PIN etc, and finally, my card arrived.

When I received the card, I noticed the credit limit was set at £6.5k (less than the transfer amount I had requested). I then received an email saying my balance transfer hadn’t gone through automatically as it was higher than my credit limit.

I understand credit card companies have rules dictating credit limits but, had I known the credit limit wouldn’t allow my to carry out the full balance transfer, then I probably wouldn’t of proceeded with that particular application.

I am now in a position where I need to apply to another card provider if I want all my debt on 0% but I am worried what effect that will have on my credit score.

Any thoughts?


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