Credit Card Balance Transfer – Payment Missing?


A couple of months ago my girlfriend requested a balance transfer from an Aqua Credit Card onto a new Credit card with HSBC.

The amount she put down to transfer in the application was £2,000. When it came to the transfer, there was only a balance of roughly £1,700 on the card.

This left the Aqua card with a positive balance of roughly £300.

After some phone calls this eventually got transferred. But it never arrived in the HSBC account…

Now months down the line and after countless phone calls back and forth between ourselves, Aqua and HSBC the money still hasn’t been found and both banks are denying accountability.

Aqua have provided us with the details of the account in which this excess £300 was transferred, these details do not match the account that the original £1,700 was transferred to, which begs the question, where have these details came from?

HSBC do not hold any account relating to these details.

We are no further forward with this and currently £300 out of pocket. Does anybody have an experience of this or know the best way forward for us?

Thank you.


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