Credit card debt, need advice



Hope this is the right place to ask this…

So, a few years ago I got quite carried away with gambling, racked up some substantial debt. I dont gamble any more. Ive been paying this debt off at around 600 a month. All of this debt is on credit cards, and stands at around 18k. Previously, Ive been switching the card balance to other 0% cards whenever necessary. This is getting harder to do, as the 36/48 month 0% offers are disappearing. I also have around 8 credit cards so my hands are tied. I can keep switching them here and there, to new 12 month 0% offers with my current cards. Another reason this is difficult to do, is that I have recently gone self employed. This is literally 2 weeks ago, so if I were to apply for any new finance I would more than likely get rejected.

A bit more about my situation… 6 years into a mortgage & married. Wife knows about the debt and has a couple of cards in her name for this reason. Shes self employed too.

Any tips would be great!



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