Credit card- first time applicant!


Hi all

Im looking to apply fr my frst credit card , solely for credit history for a mortgage. Im looking online and dont understand some jargon, also know the very basic of using a CC.

Just had a look at Lloyds bank, where I hold my main account, also have my deposit there.

Q: is it OK to get a CC with them?? Or should i go for a totslly different card?

Q: they have 5 cards listed on website. Im thinking of the Low Rate platinum card (perfect shopping partner). Is that Ok for building credit history OR the higher rate 35/23 etc etc month balance transfer?

Q: What does it mean by balance transfer??? All i want to do is shop, and pay within the time limit so dont accrue charge!

Sorry if the Qs sound silly, i hope i can get some wise answers from them anything im missing, need to know or misinderstood- i’d appreciate all advice.

Thank you


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