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Does anyone know a credit card that gives you the option to have payments rejected if it’ll go over the limit – or has a grace period?

This is the second time I’ve had more than enough money in my account and accidentally gone over the limit and because Natwest changed their processing rules, if you dare have it happen on a Friday, then they won’t process any payments until Monday… The funny part is, they’ll process the over limit on Friday or Saturday, but not process your payment that same day.

Both times they allowed a payment that would make me go over by just 5 pounds so they can charge me. It’s quite disgraceful and it’ll ruin my high credit score.

I use the credit card as my oyster, lunch and shopping because I am paid in arrears, it helps me have some money in my savings and current account.

I’m not interested in watching receipts, I just want to know if there’s such a credit card available. If not, I’ll just start using my CC as an oyster card only.

Thank you everyone.


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