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I tried to pay with my card. No authorisation. Ringing the credit card bank I find that the limit has been suddenly reduced. The letter was waiting for me at home. It contained two amazing paragraphs, one that the bank was reducing my credit limit substantially from end October, twi, that immediately they were reducing my credit card limit to only £** more yo spend (which came to less than the intended limit as in para one. In calling the bank I was told it was due to Call credit recotd. This site doesn’t work very well, but almost certainly it is due to a CCJ which was in fact set aside on the 24th august. The bank was told that this judgement was set aside, but as everything is run by a computer algorithm there they said they could do nothing until the record was changed. Experian accepted a Note of Correction (I emailed it to them today) but the Call credit site malfunctions after you’ve input the personal data and they don’t get back to you after a request was made. What can I do about the bank’s intransigence and contradictory paragraphs? I have drafted a letter saying now you know effectively. Can I take them to Data Pritection, and how can I reverse their decision quicker?


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