Credit Card or Loan for a Wedding?



My first post!

I’m after some advice and I know that ideally I shouldn’t have to get a loan or a credit card but should save money but we have a set a date and are getting married in October this year and we aren’t able to postpone for various reasons.

I have never used a credit card or had a loan (except for my small student loan which I pay back monthly from my wages), I do have a mortgage.

My partner and I need to borrow money to pay for our wedding, he has a credit card which he is paying off every month (the minimum repayments!) and he has recently finished paying of a personal loan. We would probably need 3-5,000.

2 questions really, 1-Should we get a joint loan or credit card, or separate ones? and 2-Is a loan or credit card best in this situation?

What I also need to consider is that the mortgage is my name as I bought my flat before we met, and we are planning to buy somewhere bigger next year and get a mortgage in both our names, so would having a credit card / loan affect our joint mortgage application?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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