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Apologise if I have listed in wrong place but new to forum.

I am wanting advice on credit card refund. History is :

Lime floor & stone flooring/slab laid.

Builder requested me to purchase materials & this was paid on my credit card.

Builder dug out all old floor, laid specialist lime floor followed by stone slabs.

Paid builder by debit card for laying limecrete floor but I have withheld payment for slabs due to poor workmanship.

Findings on floor are that the base hasn’t been laid level so slopes from one side of property to other. Stone slabs have been so poorly laid there are gaps up to 24mm, uneven slabs resulting in steps and sightly grout. The finish is so poor that it needs to be re-done.

Already considered small claims court but believed that the builder (ltd company) may just close one business down & continue to run from other one so potentially just wasting more money on court costs.

Would I be able to get anything back on the materials I purchased on my credit card?

It is purely the laying & fitting of them that has made them not fit for purpose rather than a fault with them. Just thought it was worth looking in to!


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