Credit card use with permission and online shopping dispute


Around December last year my son was looking to buy a laptop. Since he couldn’t find his credit card at the time, I let him use my one. That is, he went on to the online shop, made an account that connected to his email, and then used my card with my details to purchase the laptop (Was around £1000)

Fast forward 7 months, and we haven’t received the laptop, so I have sent a dispute claims to my bank to try and get my money back. My bank have responded that I have violated the Debtor-Creditor-Supplier contract since the product is not for me, and have refused to help. I’m wondering whether there is anything I can do here, or whether I can only just take it as a lesson learnt not to lend my card?

Legally speaking, is it true that I lose all my ‘privileges’ from my credit company if I lend it out? (even to my son?) I was thinking that the fact that they authorised the initial purchase might imply there initial consent of the purchase (why didn’t they reject it when it used his name and email?), but I’m not sure legally how strong this claim would be.



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