credit card used for car hire abroad


I recently hired a car for a holiday in Portugal. I booked and paid for the hire in advance on line, with a broker. The car was damaged on the last night of our holiday, and was towed to a garage.
I paid the full 1250 euro excess at the suppliers desk (faro airport) the next morning, but the car was still in the garage. Since returning home, the supplier has (unbeknown to me) taken a second payment of the deposit amount (1250 euros) from my credit card.
I understand that the deposit may not cover the full cost of damage, and i have since discovered things like windscreen, tyres etc were not covered by the standard insurance, but i was not provided with an itemised repair bill, which would show what i was liable to pay, and i was not provided with any warning the supplier was going to charge a second time. Therefore i feel this second payment was taken illegally. Is anyone able to confirm this is correct? Before i dispute the second transaction with my credit card supplier? Or do i have no rights in this instance?

Thanks in advance!

A bit more information if it is helpful – [*]The supplier has confirmed the second charge was made by them intentionally to recover the additional costs, it was not an error. [*]I have since blocked my credit card[*]I think the running cost of repair is over 4000, based on an invoice from the supplier, however as stated i am yet to receive a breakdown of costs from the garage. [*]We had standard insurance through the online broker. [*]I had taken out excess insurance cover with AXA as part of the policy, so i am hoping to get the initial damage deposit / excess of 1250 back.[/LIST]


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