Credit card version of Monzo?


Depends if the instant notification is what you need, or just instant visibility?

Tandem Credit Card is a relatively new expansion of Tandem (which was similar to Monzo et al. for the debit card). I assume that gives notifications.

Halifax Clarity is always up there as an overall winner for travel, but not sure if they give you instant visibility of pending transactions? Years since I had one.

Although it’s a credit building brand, the Aqua Reward card is Aqua’s ‘top’ card. I have it and transactions appear instantly on the app as ‘pending’. The exchange rate is locked in so it’ll be that pending rate, and there are no charges (but interest rate is likely to be high, so cash will cost you a bit more than using a debit card or say Halifax/Barclays)

You can’t get a proper ‘receipt’ (printscreen of more details) until it goes to posted. So no transaction ID, just the name. But whether you need it depends what your employer accepts for expenses. If you have the physical receipt showing say 40 euros (and submit that for expenses), then they may just accept your word that it actually cost you £xx ?? And you’d see that £xx amount instantly from Aqua.

So no notification, but fee free conversion and you can see if you load up and login to the app (annoyingly, they don’t have fingerprint login yet).

One card that will give instant notification like Monzo is Curve (technically a debit/pre-paid card) – it links to your existing credit/debit cards and does the ‘load’ in real time. However there’s a 1% foreign conversion charge (included in the cost displayed). So I don’t use it for cross-currency payments. BUT if the employer wouldn’t grumble about the charge, it may well be a winner to give you instant notifications with no topup.

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