Credit card with high limit, stay or reduce?


I have an active credit card with Natwest which ended up with a rather high monthly limit (£14k, lol?) but I ended up not using it over the past 3 years as I had gotten a Halifax card with a much lower limit which I used for travelling as there were no overseas fess, but as I was with Halifax, I ended up using it more and more.

I’ve recently switched back to Natwest for my current account so will end up keeping the Halifax one purely for travel purpose and back to Natwest for any day to day stuff but even then, I’m using my debit card more and more to pay for things to not need to pay up a bulk amount at the end of each month.

Does having a high limit have any negative impact on any credit scores or anything?

10 years ago, I used to be in a bad situation where I was always maxed on it and Natwest kept increasing it and frankly it had grown to a point where I was badly in debt, as a teenager, that was a bad part of my life and needed help out of that and clear the debt.

Now, I’m a responsible adult and that situation won’t happen again but is there any point to having a card with such a limit when I’m never going to need that?

I’m looking at buying a house soon so don’t want any negatives when it comes to credit reports.


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