Credit Cards End of Interest Free Period


So, my situation is as follows:
– I took out a Barclaycard Credit Card and a Virgin Money Credit card at roughly the same time. They are both due for renewal in the next 6 months (coincidently, at the same time!)
– I also have an MBNA credit card that I took out recently (in the last 6 months) with near full utilisation at ~£8k,

I currently have a relatively high balance on my barclaycard ~£8k.

And zero balance on the Virgin Money card.

Naturally, I’d like to settle the barclaycard debt before the time the interest free offer runs out.

However, if I do pay it off, then essentially, I’d end up with two credit cards (Barclaycard and Virgin Money) without any promotional offers.

Not very useful, as I’ve enjoyed using the 0% on Purchases for the past 18 months or so.

I’m wondering how you guys work around this situation?

Do you get a new credit card? or do you reach out to Barclaycard and ask for a promotional rate renewal? does this even exist?


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