Credit Cards, Which option is best?


I currently have a few credit cards and on one of which the 0% is about to end which means it’ll jump to it’s default 19% interest. unfortunately due to circumstances I still have £1800 left on the card and was unable to pay it off before the deal lapses. As my credit rating is not so great I find myself in the pickle of unable to transfer it all to another card.

however, using the MSE credit club what is available to me is some of the ‘poor credit scoring’ cards.

  • Marbles, 5 months 0%, 3% fee.
  • Aqua, 6 months 0%, 3% fee.

Would I be better to apply for one or both of these cards and try and transfer as much is feasible to pay off within the 5-6 months period. then cancel the card and see what options are available in the future, (potentially even reapply for the same cards) or would doing so harm my credit score more than I would gain from the 2 cards and short interest break?

Answers on a postcard please!

Thanks in advance.


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