Credit cards with travel rewards


Hi all,

I’m new to posting but I have been browsing for a while. I’m using some time off work (due to an op) to do some research in to ways to improve my monthly savings and help with my travel plans.

I would ideally love to have a credit card that allows me to earn airmiles. I have a flight to Bali to pay for next year, and it would be great to earn points to help with that while I buy my food shopping etc.

My issue is that a lot of credit cards require a £3,000 approx minimum spend in 3 months. I do not spend this much due to renting a room at a friends house. My outgoing are fairly small, although my income also isn’t great.

I wanted to know if I can firstly pay my rent on my credit card? At the moment I just send my friend the money once a month! I also put X amount in to my savings. I’m guessing it’s not possible to do this via a credit card? Can you also move direct debits such as phone bills, car lease etc to a credit card?

I’ve only ever had one credit card and I NEVER used it, so I’m completely new to this. I have read some of the guides on here, but I just need a bit more help. I also can’t find a guide specifically for travel rewards.

Thank you!


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