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I applied for a balance transfer card via the credit club and it said my application had been accepted and they would post the interest rates and length of promotional offers etc to me. I received this information (‘pre contractual information’), however it didn’t state a credit limit.

I called the company, as obviously I need to know the credit limit for a balance transfer.

The person I spoke to said they can’t tell me the credit limit until I’ve ‘applied’ by signing the documents and returning to them. However I noticed that if I return the documents, I will then receive a credit card within a few days. I’m confused by their use of the word ‘application’ as in my mind, I have already applied and this is the information of the card they can offer me which I will receive (with an unknown limit) when I return the document signed.

So basically what I’m asking is – is it normal to only receive a credit limit after you have fully opened an account? I don’t want to open an account and physically receive a credit card only to realise the limit is not enough. Thanks!


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