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Hi all, im after some advice please. My parents who are both in their eighties had a Tesco credit card. My dad used this card to pay for his car insurance,. For what ever reason several monthes later the insurance company decided they had overcharged my dad for his car insurance and refunded around 80 quid back to the tesco credit card with an accompanying letter sent to my dad.

This would have been OK except my dad had paid off and cancelled the credit card before the refund took place as he no longer had a need and no longer intended to use the card

My question is do you have to hold a current credit card for the credit card company to pay back money that you have in credit on the account. My father has rang them but they say he has to apply for a new card before they can return the money to him. this money has been owed for a long period and i have only just found out this money is owed from several years ago after going through some of my parents paperwork and finding the credit card statements showing the account in credit. many thanks in advance for any advice


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