Credit Reference Agency – Serious Hot Water


Hi all.

Before this happened I had no credit record at all.

I wanted to build a solid credit record for a mortgage application in 2020. I was contacted by a credit repair specialist firm who said I could have three accounts (credit card, mailing order and loan) reported to my file each month set to values I decide like credit limit, balance and my payment amounts etc.

I agreed to it and within 3 months I had all three accounts showing on all three credit files. These accounts never actually existed, I just told the credit firm what data to send about these 3 accounts monthly and they did it. I kept everything consistent like the credit limit but adjusted the balance to show it being cleared in full every month. The names of the lenders of these accounts were also made up chosen by the credit repair firm at random but because this is an ongoing case I’m unsure whether I am allowed to give specific names of anything.

Anyway I received a letter from an organization called the ICO with a CallCredit letterhead as well saying that my data is now subject to investigation for suspected manipulation of or false entry of credit information. And an agent at CallCredit said it is because they believe my credit file has been artificially modified and entries submitted against regulatory requirements. They said while it is being looked into any searches of my credit file will come back as refused to prevent lenders receiving the affected information.

I phoned the credit repair firm and they said this can happen and that they will provide me documentation to support the three accounts if they ask for them. These accounts don’t exist and all the data on them were made up each month by me, so any documents they give me will also be fake.

I’m really worried about this and a close family friend has advised me this is illegal and I could be arrested for it. I want to know if this has happened before and if anyone here has any experience or advice about what might happen?

It is too late to go back now but I didn’t really know it was illegal at the time. I just thought it was harmless cheating.

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