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Hi all

Wonder if you can help me understand where I stand.

On 28/03 I was diagnosed with a stroke of the thalamus which has left irreversible damage to a small part of brain tissue.

I’ve been recovering well and returned to work. I have put a claim in for CIC.

I am on nerve damage drugs which numb pain and a high dose as well.

I saw my consultant and she has said that I may not have any PND’s which means the claim may not be paid. When I discussed my symptoms with her I said I get occasional pain in my left arm and pins and needles. Still having headache but now I’m on meds paracetamol remove this whereas before nothing worked. She advised me to reduce my meds and see how that goes. I started to reduce and with a day the stiff neck and arm returned with headaches. My GP has told me to go back to the higher dose.

Where do I stand. Without meds I’m in pain with meds I only have occasional issues. I sometimes struggle to find words and if I don’t make notes at work I lose concentration or forget things.


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