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My wife was diagnosed with cancer last summer and, as is often the case, the last thought in both of our minds was chasing around and digging into insurance policies etc. Thankfully, she made a full recovery after surgery and has continued to be cancer free which is of course the absolute most important thing.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realised we were sat on an Aviva Life Insurance policy with CI cover included; We have looked at the various terms and definitions of the type of cancer and that all seems to be within the guidelines in our policy but one thing that is certainly alarming is the following section “We will not pay the Critical Illness Cover” and a clause “unless we are told within 26 weeks of the diagnosis”.

As you would expect, the last year or so has been incredibly stressful and there are a number of other issues and problems that have taken priority that I have not yet passed on to Aviva. 26 weeks does not seem like a very long time when you consider what a family goes through.

For background, we have had the policy for a number of years and every single payment has been made on time. The policy continues to be valid today and lasts for another decade or two which hopefully only helps our case.

We’ve had the claim raised for about a month and a half via our broker but they have suggested Aviva may be wriggling slightly with legal reviews etc.

So, my question is has anyone else had similar; with Aviva or anyone else and had good/bad news?

Thanks in advance.


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