Cycle carrier failed and bike damaged, can I claim?


I had my bikes on a rear mounted cycle carrier and had checked the straps and tightened them before setting off and also after an hour of driving. Everything was secure but at 70mph on the motorway the straps snapped leaving just frayed stubs. The carrier stayed on the car but my new bike flew through the air and bounced in the middle of the motorway. Thankfully nobody was hurt but all the cars behind me stopped. Someone chucked it into the verge and carried on.

My bike has been run over and it’s a £1000 bike, just a few weeks old. Car insurance say it’s not insured under them, it wasn’t listed on home insurance and even if it was, people say bikes on home insurance are rarely covered during transit. Not only is the bike not covered but you are not covered for any damage it might do.

I feel thankful nobody was hurt but aggrieved because I can prove I had fitted it correctly by the fact that the frayed straps left dangling are proof that those straps were holding the bike on until they snapped.

Can I claim from anyone? Is anyone an expert on items like roof boxes and bikes that are often attached to cars?

If not, let it be a warning to others that …

A) You are probably not insured unless you specifically arrange such insurance for roof boxes or bikes attached to a vehicle.
B) Strong looking nylon straps can snap. When 1 strap snaps, the other one will snap too. Add an extra strap of your own to hold the last bike onto the bike rack, just be sure!

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