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Last November a car skidded downhill and hit my wife’s stationary car. We exchanged details and on the same day informed my wife’s insurance company. Later, when I phoned to ask how the claim was progressing and also to ask about the £95 excess I had paid when I collected the car, I was told by her insurance company that to recover the excess, I would have to contact the other insurance which they said was Aviva and not the insurance company that the driver had originally given. When the Aviva agent asked a few questions about the other driver and the registration etc, I was told that the details that I had supplied did not match theirs and therefore they could not discuss the matter further. Emailed our own insurance but they said that under data protection, they could not supply the details either. Phoned the Ombudsman who saw no reason why the details could not be supplied since these were those which had to be given by the drivers in a RTC.

Got a letter from our insurance a couple of days ago saying that the case had been closed and when I phoned today, I was told that because of the new data protection rules, they could not assist me any further. How daft is that. It would appear, to me at least, that the other driver may have supplied the wrong details but because of data protection neither insurance company is willing to confirm the correct details. Advice would be appreciated.

My wifeThe damage was minimal, £500+.


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