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I’m trying to help a friend who has been a victim of dating fraud on a popular UK dating site.

While I know much of the money she paid out for goods and services is probably lost, the two I’m not sure about are these, can anyone help?

Money spent on PayPal to create another dating site logon for the fraudsters “friend”. Obviously completely innocently and unknowingly. Should the dating site refund? If not, will the card company (I believe it’s PayPal) refund for “unauthorised use” seeing that it was an account created in this country by the person themselves (albeit being manipulated by the fraudster)?

Secondly voucher codes for iTunes amounting to hundreds of pounds. Can these retrospectively be blocked / removed / deleted if already used by the fraudster? I’m not sure what they would have done with these, but it seems the fraudsters build up a network of vulnerable women, and then use one victim to send gifts to another victim, I guess to build confidence in the fraudster.

Any help appreciated.

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