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life isn’t worth living. i’m not one of those people that hangs themselves or would jump off a building. its just attention seeking and unfair on the public.

im planning on taking a heroin overdose in the privacy of my own home. because its fast and painless. ironic that heroin is the same compound as morphine. a powerful pain killer… atleast i know it wont be agony at the end.

never taken hard drugs before but the person doing it for me said thats good because it gives an extra shock to the body. no chance of any survival basically.

i dont want my parents to have to pay my credit cards and payday loans off… i dont own any assets or anything considered estate… the property i live in is tenancy not owned.

what can companies do to my parents or family in this case? will it just be written off or will they legally transfer the debt to them? could they come into my home and take any items that dont have a receipt to prove it isnt mine? even if the tenancy isnt in my name?

need these answers before i do it. im quite a hardened person because of my crap life so its not about leaving them a burden its just about the companies winning after dying.

thanks in advance and please no lectures ive made my decision

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